Weeping Wall Stores

Our weeping wall stores system is designed to meet BS 5502, DEFRA and NRA standards.

Weeping walls are designed to separate the effluent from the muck by allowing to seep through the voids in the panels in to the channel constructed around the store. The effluent can then run off in to  a seperate collection tank.

Sockets are cast in to the top of each concrete section for easy lifting and fitting, lifting hooks supplied as required. Mastic is supplied to seal channel around the outside of store to prevent any leakage of effluent.

Each store can be made to your own specific size and gateways and ramps can be made as required.


Sizes available:



Height Width Void
1830mm (6’) 1220mm (4’) 50mm (2”)
2440mm (8’) 1220mm (4’) 50mm (2”)