Water Troughs


We manufacture four different sizes and capacity of concrete water troughs, three of which are rectangular in shape one is the large circular type.


All water troughs are designed with a service box at one end with a removable lid for easy access to the filling mechanism.

The smallest of our concrete troughs has been redesigned with smooth rounded corners and an inset lid on the service box to prevent it being dislodged.

Each trough is cast with a small hole in the bottom, for which a bung is supplied, for easy emptying.).



Capacity Length Width Depth Weight
CT6    60 Gallon 1830mm (6’0”)    610mm (2’0”) 510mm (1’8”)   350Kg
CT7 200 Gallon 2032mm (6’8”)    915mm (3’0”) 610mm (2’0”)   750Kg
CT8 400 Gallon 2540mm (8’4”) 1220mm (4’0”) 685mm (2’3”) 1250Kg
CTR 300 Gallon 1830mm (6’0”) Diameter 685mm (2’3”)   900KG