Round Hole Grating for Cattle

This unique system for our Round Hole Grating for Cattle has all the advantages of slatted flooring with the added benefit of greater hoof protection due to their smooth, flat top surface, therefore ensuring a higher degree of comfort to the animal, they are also suitable for young stock.

Like all our slats, round hole slats are manufactured using reinforced concrete for a long and durable life, they are easy to install and for optimum results are best used above slurry channels as part of an under ground tank set up.





Length Width Thickness
2000mm (6’7”) 650mm (2’1.5”) 150mm (6”)
2200mm (7’2.5”) 650mm (2’1.5”) 150mm (6”)
2500mm (8’ 2.5”) 650mm (2’1.5”) 150mm (6”)
2750mm (9’0”) 650mm (2’1.5”) 150mm (6”)
3000m (9’10”) 650mm (2’1.5”) 150mm (6”)