Portable Dividing Walls

These Portable Dividing Walls are an ideal solution for creating either a permanent or temporary storage bunker for silage, grain, potato, waste materials, etc.

The dividers can be fastened down but generally this is not necessary and units can be moved easily by forklift or foreloader.

There is no need to dig up any existing floor to install the dividers as they will sit on any reasonably flat surface to provide you with an instant storage bay which can be varied to your own requirements.

The dividing walls are transported flat to be assembled on site, each unit is made up of two parts which are very easy to assemble using the jig provided.

The top of each unit is joined together with a bracket which doubles as a lifting hook. At the bottom there are two spreader bars which bolt in to sockets already cast in to the panel.




Height Width Weight / Unit
2440mm (8’0”) 915mm (3’0”) Grain   1206kgSilo      1337kg
3000mm (10’0”) 915mm (3’0”) Grain   1672kgSilo      2010kg
3660mm (12’0”) 915mm (3’0”) Silo      2520kg