Feed Troughs


These pre cast concrete feed troughs are designed
for feeding either from one or both sides as required. They are available either as a trough on it’s own or complete with a galvanised steel adjustable barrier rail as shown.

Each unit is cast with lifting sockets set in along the top edge of the trough for easy lifting and fitting for which lifting loops can be provided. These lifting sockets are then used to bolt the barrier rail clamp to if they are required. The barrier rail itself is designed so that the ‘T’ section which supports the rail is central to the channel unit, therefore is does not interfere with the distribution of feed products in to the trough when using a spout from the back of the feed wagon.

We also manufacture a high backed feed trough, to be used without barrier rails.

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Width Depth Length
Standard Trough
915mm (3’0”) 610mm (2’0”) 3660mm (12’0”)
1220mm (4’0”) 610mm (2’0”) 2440mm  (8’0”)
High Backed Trough
915mm (3’0”) 610mm (2’0”) – 915mm (3’0”) 3050mm (10’0”)