Craven Wall Slurry Stores

Craven Wall Slurry Stores are manufactured using the conventional “L” shaped design, tied in to the floor with reinforcing starter bars to form a complete, rigid structure. Craven Wall Slurry Stores are designed to be installed either above or below ground and can be left open or made to accommodate cattle slats should you wish to have the store under a building for example.

Each Craven Wall Panel is manufactured with two lifting sockets cast in to the edges of the panel for ease of handling and fitting with no holes to fill and seal in the panel face. Panels are easy to seal along the vertical joints due to rebates cast in the panels edges.



Height Width
2440mm   (8’) 1525mm  (5’)
3050mm  (10’) 1525mm  (5’)
3660mm  (12’) 1220mm  (4’)
4270mm  (14’) 1220mm  (4’)