Circular Concrete Slurry Stores

overflowOur circular concrete slurry stores are manufactured from high strength precast concrete for a long and durable life, they are suitable for installation above or below ground and into hillsides depending on ground conditions.

The slurry stores are available up to a 1,000,000 gallon capacity, 4880mm (16 ft) high and are made up of 1830mm (6 ft) wide concrete sections. Each section being tied to the next with plastic coated stressing cables which continue around the store and are tensioned when the whole store is erected. Once the store is erected and tensioned, all joints can be sealed with polyurethane mastic. All vertical joints are double sealed as is the base joint with a ring beam.

We are also able to provide reception pits, all pipe work, sluice valves, side stirrers, umbilical outlets and inspection platforms as required.

Circular stores are designed to BS5502 and DEFRA and NRA standards.